The reason for Lauren Starling

This site is not going to explain the reason of the existence of Lauren Starling, the person. The biological reasons are pretty obvious and I have some theories on the metaphysical and philosophical reasons, but really we’re here to discuss the purpose of this site which is: Online Reputation Management (ORM).

If you’re not familiar with ORM, it is exactly how it sounds. Managing a name or brand reputation online. The way to do this is to create neutral or positive content associated with your name or your brand and then build links to that content on the web. If there is currently nothing out there with regards to the brand or name (also known as “keyword”), then the main purpose is just to occupy internet real estate for that keyword. This establishes two purposes:

1. When someone searches for your name or brand, the information that you want people to see will be the results that appear. No more worrying what’s going to pop up because you’ll already know what the results say. It’s nice not to be at the whim of a non-human entity, aye?

2. If ever you have an issue with negative publicity in the future (disgruntled employee, angry former friend…etc), you already have your content in place and an established trust authority with Google.

If, unfortunantely, you’ve arrived too late on the ORM bandwagon and you already have some less than appropriate content out there ranking for your name or brand then you’re going to need to do some reverse seo. Reverse seo is the act of supressing negative rankings by actively ranking positive or neutral content above the negative result. This may sound a little shady, but Google actually makes an exception for suppressible action with regards to reputation management.

 If you can’t get the content removed from the original site, you probably won’t be able to completely remove it from Google’s search results, either. Instead, you can try to reduce its visibility in the search results by proactively publishing useful, positive information about yourself or your business.


Lauren Starling says ORM is muy importante

The Purpose of Lauren Starling

So back to me, Lauren Starling. The purpose of this site is multifaceted:

  • Lauren Starling is not just my name, it’s my brand and my business.  Now you may be reading this site thinking you’ve got problems with your own reputation management, but imagine how much potential for disaster one in the business of Search Engine Optimization must have to deal with? You only have to look cross eyed at another SEO and you’re risking a war of SERPS.  Yeah, yeah, for the most part we’re a pretty awesome and ethical bunch. But there are some out there that would harm you through possibly no real fault of your own and when you’re swimming with those sharks, it’s best to stay ahead of the game.
  • This stuff is fun. It’s what Lauren Starling does for a living and she really does love what she does. Taking a keyword and then dominating the entire first page with it? Yeah, it’s a bit of rush.
  • Last and certainly not least: Educational. Perhaps, while I am posting on this site and making updates, you’ll be able to see what I’m doing and apply it to your own situation. I really do enjoy helping people understand the world of the SERPs.  When speaking to friends outside the business, I find they feel a little intimidated by the search engines, most not even realizing  they can take control of their own names. I get satisfaction in helping them realize their David potential when going up against the Google Goliath.


♦Note: Sorry about the weird third to first person switches. It’s part of the territory when having to create whole sites and a brand around a keyword that happens to also be your name. Technically, I should be doing the entire site in third person, but at times, it feels weird and slightly pretentious. So grammar nazis be forewarned: There will be much meshing of the pronouns.

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  • Adrian Feliciano

    Hi Lauren,

    I wanted to thank you for the inspiration your blog gave me; I had never thought seriously about branding “Adrian Feliciano,” let alone reputation management, until a recent turn of events became the much needed jolt I needed to seriously take a look at my personal online presence.

    Your blog made the biggest impact on me because, to be frank, you talked about search engine optimization and reputation management without all the acronyms and marketing-speak that other SEOs and ORMs seem to regurgitate in extremis. Once I was able to sift through the cruft, the process of branding “Adrian Feliciano” positively turned out to be a far simpler process than I had expected it to be.

    I even decided to blog about my own successes, now acting as the reputation manager for Adrian Feliciano, an online brand in need of a little kick in the pants. ;D

    Thanks for all the inspiration!

    Adrian Feliciano

    (PS: As a grammar nazi, your switching up of pronouns was not devastating to read — but shouldn’t the disclaimer come BEFORE the transgression occurs? ;D)