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Lauren Starling’s Love of WordPress

Lauren Starling luvs WordPressHere’s my first post on the site about Lauren Starling. I’ve already done a few pages and now it’s time to make a post about Lauren.  One thing to note that hasn’t been mention before is my my love affair with the content management system that is WordPress. In it you can add lots of great plugins for SEO so I might make a post about that on a later date.

For the first post, however, I will just state some of the basics. Pick a catagory relevate to your keyword. So of course my catagory name will be Lauren Starling. Be sure to add some tags. While I will be adding Lauren Starling to the tags I will also add what this topic is actually about.

One of the formerly mentioned SEO plugins that I like is called Ultimate SEO. It allows you to do lots of things from the admin panel like meta titles and descriptions as well as deeplinking. With each post it’s important to update the meta description.  It is controversial to wheter or not this actually helps SEO. I believe it does, since, if you have the keyowrd in your description you will see it bolded when the SERPs pull it up. Regardless, it’s important for sales copy, so this would be the time to add it.

Next up: Images. Google hearts the Images.  It’s always kind of tricky here for many reasons. You want to stay away from trademarked images that may take offense to you using their images without permission and when you are doing personal stuff you may not want to actually do personal pictures.  Generic images usually work best. Be sure to complete the alt image tag for full seo love.

When you set out to do ORM and decide that you want to do your own TLDs (yes yes we’ll get into tlds vs 3rd party owned-sites on  in another post) you’re going to need a good yet simple CMS and that, in Lauren Starling’s opinion is WordPress.