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Breaking In Text Broker

Lauren Starling's textbroker reviewPart of any good site requires good content. Many SEOs, however, would rather slide naked down a volcano spewing lava than write their own content. This is where Text Broker comes in.  It’s basically a crowdsourced site that caters to writers and clients that need content.  What’s nice about it is: You can price it based on the quality. So if you are just needing some basic content that you intend to put on a 3rd party hosted site like Blogger for the purposes of link juice, then you probably don’t need anything too fancy.

However, you can also get top quality content (5 star) for stuff like PR releases and copywriting for your own sites. Textbroker has been a great tool for my own ORM clients, especially when I have to build multiple sites all around the same topic (which is usually just a person and their bio) I usually just do the 3 star which, surprisingly, is pretty decent.

Textbroker got really awesome when I discovered their wordpress plugin which goes along way in helping me with the issues I was having with regards to organizing bulk content. Instead of wondering where which ever article that I ordered is supposed to go (Now was it clientname.com, clientname.org or client-name.com???) now, I actually order the content through the particular website.  The plugin could use a few tweaks (like a saved template option) but over all, it’s really improved the whole text broker experience.

There’s a few things you can do when using Textbroker to assit you in your ORM SERP domination strategy. First, I put in a request for the actually person’s name, ( in this case Lauren Starling ) and attach a bio or resume for the author to have as a guideline for the content.  This usually takes care of a few pages on the site. As for the posts, I’ll just pick topics out of the resume. So for Lauren Starling I would assign a topic as SEO or Online Reputation Management or task automation. Anything.  You can choose whether you want them to include the keyword but for generic terms it’s best just to go in and put your keyword in later while you’re editing.

Finally you review the final article and if you’re happy with it you accept and it automatically becomes a draft in your wordpress admin panel. Sweet, huh?