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A Game of Tags

changing user tags to Lauren StarlingOne of the best boosts to seo is internal linking. How much are you linking to relevant articles within your own site? We will discuss this many times in future posts (to which I will be sure to link to all of them, when appropriate, of course 😉 )

As stated previously, it can be pretty tedious to continue to write about yourself or any one person for too long. I mean how much can you really say about one person? (Alot, actually, if you have a good content source) So this is where the author tags come in.

You can add just the plain tags like Lauren Starling or just Lauren to most posts,  which I certainly do.  But sometimes I get bored with that as well and lets face it, sometimes it feels a little…forced.

WordPress for the save! WordPress actually offers you a way to include your tagged name on every post and it doesn’t look odd at all. How is this possible? Most themes include a “written by” tag on every post (Go ahead and scroll to the bottom of this post to see what I’m talking about). The default for these author tags is “admin”.  Simple go into the Users admin panel, fill out the first and last name and then be sure to click the drop down box to display your name.  That’s it, if your theme supports author tags, then you should now have your name hyperlinked in every post.  That should get you on your way to meet those interlinking goals for your name!

Here is a quick screencast of what I did: